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    GoCentral the New Web Builder for Reseller

    Hi Godaddy,
    Currently Godaddy offers GoCentral, the New Web builder, more simple to use and intuitive.
    Will we have this service from resellers in the future?
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    Super User I

    Everyone seems to love GoCentral and you're not alone wanting it in your Reseller store @FRANTRIAN3. I'm not sure that given the name it would fit into the Reseller environment? I've been a Reseller for some time and I've never sold any of the website builder or website designer products in my store as my business is web design. 


    Though I can't give you an official answer I'm thinking that eventually GoCentral will eventually be the only website builder and be added to the Reseller? If you feel like GoCentral would be a good seller in your store you should push to get it on the Reseller @FRANTRIAN3. Not sure but GoCentral might also be available to be sold from the API?


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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