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    Reseller's customer payment

    I will be starting a web design ecommerce business and for that I want my clients to buy the domain and hosting from my website. So, I want to go for the godaddy reselling program.

    But, as I live in Bangladesh the problem is godaddy do not accept Bangladeshi taka but do accept USD. And,in Bangladesh maximum of my clients do not have access to credit card which can process dollar.
    But, me as a business person I do have that access and thus I want to buy the domain and hosting on behalf of my clients.

    So, is there any way in the reseller program where a client can book the products and I can buy that particular product on behalf of them?
    And, if so will I be able to get the commission that is mentioned in the program as usual.

    Thanks. Hope to get a reply real soon.
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    Hi @shabitjalal

    Thanks for posting in our forums. I'm sorry we don't offer a feature within our Reseller program that allows you to purchase on behalf of customers and still get commission for those purchases. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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