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Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

I have a domain through GoDaddy and connected to Wordpress for the business website. I have recently purchased a new package for hosting on GoDaddy (Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel). I want to create a link login from my Wordpress site to this new domain for my customers where I would store project data for them to view and download. Each customer would need their own secure login. 


I have looked all over to find answers on my problem and I cannot find anything. How do I go from a Cpanel to a customer login on the new domain?  I do not want my customers needing to download Filezilla just to view and download files. What other options do I have? Help!!!


Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

You need a wordpress developer to do it as per your requirements


Have the files to download in the wordpress site and then people visiting your wordpress site can download the files which you have given access to 



Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

But, my Wordpress site is different from my web hosting account. We will store 50GB of data and do not have enough room on our WordPress website. I do not have WordPress on my hosting account. I should be able to have a link on my WordPress site that transfers them to login for the hosting account, I just don't know how. 

Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

you need to have some sort of web pages or website or another wordpress site in your hosting account which list out the files to download from your main wordpress site.

Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

You are not reading what I have said. There are NO files on my main WordPress website! The WordPress Website has nothing to do with what I am trying to accomplish. I purchased a NEW hosting package just for my customer's data. Anyone else?


Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

All I needed was to download a file manager in my cpanel. Thanks a lot to the guys on here that wouldn't help me and asked me to pay for their services(Mr. Vapor). Thanks to the guy who said I need a web developer and WordPress (kalyanjit). Thanks to none of you! And thanks to GoDaddy's horrible customer service!

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Re: Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Customer Login Help

Hey there @jptimmon 


Before you go around saying things that aren't true, I did not ask you to pay for my services. I said I don't provide the free advice via PM because that does nothing for the community at large. I will not answer questions via PM, which is clearly outlined in my signature. I advised you that if you'd like personalized help you should visit the services page on my site or post it in the forums. You then turned around and attacked me because I wouldn't answer your question via PM. 


I understand your frustration, but this is a community. I answer questions in this community in order to help the community, not one individual. If you'd like personalized help, it is a reasonable expectation that you should pay for my time and not expect free service. I don't work for GoDaddy. I still have to feed my family. My time is valuable.


GoDaddy does everything it can to provide services that it's customers need, including free support. They've established this community so people like myself and the other volunteers can offer our expertise to help EVERYONE. All you had to do, instead of attacking me, was link to your thread where you asked a question. Instead, you sought to publicly vilify me. 

I help people on this board all the time. A few have paid me for my time when they've had issues that I couldn't direct them back to GoDaddy for a solution, and they not only got their issue corrected, but exceptional service. 

So, perhaps you should reevaluate how you treat and approach people. I expect the results will be a lot better for you.

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