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Install joomla 1.5 site on godaddy

I have purchase the windows hosting on godaddy, I need to upload my local joomla site on godaddy account.


I have uploaded on my site code on server through FTP, but it didn't work


When I try to install joomla app from listing it shows joomla 3+


On other hosting servers, by directly uploading the code and managing the database connection, site is easily uploaded, but it complicated on godaddy account.


Can anybody please helping me into it?


Thanks in advance.

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I can't understand why uploading your joomla 1.5 files via FTP would be any different @tulzaevents. I assume that all of the size parameters are in line with your FTP settings and you aren't trying to upload files that are too large? If you specifically need the older Joomla 1.5 you would need to upload and install it yourself as automatic or aided Joomla installs would not give you the ability to choose Joomla 1.5


What kind of hosting are you using? What type of hosting account do I have? I know that Joomla can be a bit much for some hosting accounts. I hope that helps?

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