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Unavailable own site backups in Godaddy's backups frontend site

After then I deleted my GoDaddy's VPS subscription sevice lost the migrated data (it's managed by "advanced backups" service)!? Finally it's problem blighted to keep my saved data independently from hosting plan.


GoDaddy's Backups site

(my backup subsite and pages is found it earlier)


I should think the ideal implementation for server backups is the separated hosting and backuping with similary structured charging for raised data security&availability.

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Hi @lklc,

Yes, hindsight is a wonderful but also annoying thing. I would rather depend on reading the Terms and small print though.

A mantra to all website owners and developers should be backup, backup and backup.

If services are too modulated then that just adds more complexity, because then you may think you had ended a service and the fee's accrued from it, only to much later discover you forgot a sub service and it's fees that were part of it. Who want's to pay for a backup service for a site and domain you sold to someone, or doesn't even exist?

Imagine the horrors on our roads if folk bought modular cars and trucks?


The truth is most folk only think about backups when it's too late. That's why there are automated backups. But it's all our own responsibility to backup our own data.