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Why can't PHP be updated?

So you get your shiny new hosting several years ago and aren't told it will be obsolete in a few years.  You build sites, add databases and applications and pay year after year but you can't update your php version beyond 5.4. Your applications are updating and are requiring higher versions of PHP.  You search  this community forum to find out why and follow a link to a solution but it is only a page to BUY more hosting.  At no time has GoDaddy told you that you should upgrade considering the applications you are running.  At no time do they inform you that your version of PHP is no longer supported nor gets security updates. While on the purchase page a lovely chat box pops up with someone eager to sell you something but you just renewed your accounts recently. They tell you that YOU will need to PURCHASE a cpanel package and migrate your own sites.  They SHOULD be doing this for you AUTOMATICALLY because they are hosting you in an insecure environment.  If the latest version of PHP doesn't suddenly appear in all levels of accounts they need to be held accountable.  It might be time for a class action lawsuit. It is a security risk.

Community Manager

Hi, @auroramae. Technology is always changing and advancing. What was once new and cutting edge quickly becomes outdated, sometimes sooner than we expected. I can understand your reasoning in wanting the hosting you're currently on to simply be upgraded. However, the infrastructure of the older plans would not support an upgrade to higher PHP versions. This is why moving to a new platform would be required if you wish to use a higher version of PHP. 


While we don't offer a free migration service, there is a good guide on moving to a cPanel account here. Hopefully that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

I'm a web designer and have helped clients with sites hosted on many providers for many years. The first websites that I authored were back when the web was text only.   All of the competing hosts have upgraded their servers, programming languages  and databases periodically and have even enabled cpanel capabilities without ever requiring customers to manually migrate their own accounts. When the work is being done... it has always been... Hey just a heads up... we are making things better and you might experience some down time.  Let us know if things go awry.  So you might be able to claim it can't be done to someone who hasn't had any experience, but not with me.  GoDaddy used to have good customer service.   Which is it?  Laziness or cheapness?


You are right.  GoDaddy has gone downhill over the last few years.  If they have unsecure servers,  and they do, it is time to move on.  
For the first time ever, I was called and asked to pay to $80 to remove viruses.  They know it's happening and now have a sales team, instead of customer service to get more money out of the customers.