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    Adding Personalization & Customization to Blog RSS Automatic Email

    My Idea is simple: 

    1) Add Personalization and Customization capabilities to the Blog RSS Feed Automatic Email.

    2) Add RSS Feed module to campaigns.


    One of the great features of GoDaddy is how easy it is to oscillate between my website, blog, and email marketing dashboards. I send very few email campaigns, but I write a lot of blog posts which generate regular, automatic RSS feed summary emails to my godaddy blog subscriber list. None, and I mean none of the email customization features provided in GaDaddy email campaigns are available for the automatic blog RSS summary emails. There's not even a place to go and preview it.


    Why this is important is because the value I bring to my subscribers/readership is contained within my blog posts but the emails that my subscribers receive when I add new posts to my blog contain ZERO personalization and contain ZERO style similarities to my website. So, they seem inauthentic, generic, spammy, and have terrible open and click-through rates. At the very least, go daddy should have a drag and drop module for RSS feeds in campaigns, just like I was able to do with MailChimp previous to converting over to GoDaddy email marketing.

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    Community Manager

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion @solarenergymax! I'll definitely pass it on to our product team to consider. Take care and keep the suggestions coming. We always appreciate hearing ideas! 

    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    I would agree with @solarenergymax .  If GoDaddy could offer options for Blog email personalisation it would be really helpful.  I can’t even see my logo on the email to subscribers and heartily agree that it looks spammy. There are so many great things about GoDaddy and if this could be fixed it would make so much difference.