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    Changing the Name My Order Confirmation Comes From

    Hello. I am trying to change the name that appears on my order confirmation email for my customers. Currently, when a customer places an order, the order confirmation email comes from "Clothing to Fit Every Size." I want the order confirmation email to come from the business name, "Fearless Beauty." 


    I am using Square to process payments. Is that order confirmation email coming from Square, or GoDaddy?


    Finally, in the top of that same order confirmation email, there is a banner in my same brand color, with my logo on top, however since my logo also has that same lavender color as the banner color, part of the logo blends into the banner color, making part of the logo invisible. Where is that banner of color coming from and how do I change it or take it out so that you can see my logo?


    Here is a picture to illustrate the problem:

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    Hi @kvicario ,


    Welcome to the Community!  I’m sorry for the late response; however, are you using our Websites + Marketing E-commerce platform?  If yes, this handy guide should be able to help with the changes you need.  Please let us know if this answers your needs. ☺️

    Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat