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    Manually Input Orders

    I would like to be able to manually input/add orders into my website.  Can this feature be added?

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    Hey @sbnaturals,


    If you're referring to manual orders entered through the back-end manager, I will pass this along as a product suggestion for future updates our developers can plan. In the meantime, the only way to manually setup an order for a shopper is to visit and sign in to your store as a new guest shopper yourself. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Getting Started

    Yes I am referring to adding orders through the back end manager.

    I agree with the above statements. I think this feature would be a very beneficial. This is something I would love to have TODAY!! 


    Thank You!!

    Why on earth would this not be an option? It obviously used to be:




    Thank you for the instructions but this manual order feature is not available for GoCentral.  There is no add new option under orders.



    Getting Started




    when is the manual order feature going to become available.  This is a very important and needed feature for me.




    @sbnaturals @sdharrington @SteelLittles @CG  Based on CG's answer, I suspect they won't be adding it anytime soon. Here's why. When you get a phone order or mail order, you can "process it manually" by adding the requested items to the cart, adding the customer info, payment method, shipping, etc. yourself. At least that is my understanding. I believe you can check out with the information they provide to you if they are paying with a credit card. Obviously, you won't be able to log into their PayPal account, however, you must check out as a guest. But if you have all the necessary information, you should be able to place the order for them while you are on the phone with them just as you would in a back-end system.


    Bear in mind, they cannot pay in guest checkout with the same credit card they have used to register with PayPal. They must use a different credit card. That is a function of PayPal.

    Helper V

    We absolutely need this feature for phone-in orders. I just assumed it had it!

    I would  like to see the feature that will allow me add an order manually.  For instance, if my mother wants to order a product, instead of having my mother go online to order the product I would just prefer to go to manage store/orders/add order.  This is an important feature for me.  Please add this feature.


    I would also like a feature that will allow customers to purchase electronic gift certificates.


    The websites that I used previously allowed both of these features.





    Thanks for suggesting to include manual entry/capture of orders in GC Online stores.  Could you share little more details around this ask, so we can figure out the scope of changes involved to build this features?  Are you looking to take the order over phone, process the payment using CC processing machine and then enter the order details into Online store or you trying to place order on online store on behalf of your customers?  How often do need to take orders over phone?  Do you direct them to go to your online store to place order?



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, Online stores

    We need the feature for manual entry for orders for our e-commerce site with godaddy.

    Also there is no filter based on products inventory options like 'size of dresses'

    That is very disappointing because now-days all websites have these features already.

    I want to enter phoned-in orders. The work-around of going to the website to enter customer info is plagued with problems related to stored credit-card info. This is just one in a long list of disappointments I have experienced since moving from Quick Shopping Cart to GoCentral...numerous features that were available in QSC are not available in GoCentral.

    The ability to process a credit card order on someone’s behalf would be nice, but as others have said there are (less-than-ideal) workarounds for at least some of those scenarios.

    I want the ability to take offline check and cash orders so that I can use GC as my sole inventory and order tracking solution.

    Both of these scenarios happen often for me.