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    Helper II

    Old website - New Webmaster

    I just took over this hsvelions.org website that uses the Business Website Builder.


    I'd like to rebuild this site, most likely starting from scratch. I am not familiar with the GoDaddy website builder so I have a big learning curve regardless of what I do. It has been a long time since I have done website work so we can just assume I am a complete Novice.


    Q1 - In looking around at sites, it seems the basic design is a single frame that scrolls and has embedded objects in the page. My thinking was more along the line of 3 independent frames; one fixed at the top with rolling images; one scrollable frame on the left with expandable menus items; and a middle scrollable frame with information content. Maybe something like this:

    http://www.gilions.com/. Can it be done and if yes, how? It seems to be an old model design, why? A better approach would be?

    Q2 - If you were in my position would you stay with Website Builder or start with something like WordPress (or what) and why?

    Q3 - What is the easiest way to build the new site on a temporary site and then deactivate the existing site (but have the ability to switch back quickly in case of problems) and activate the new site?

    Q4 - Anything else you can give advice about?


    Thank you. Should you do Thanksgiving, I hope you have a nice one.





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