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    The steps of entire website optimization

      Site optimization is the advanced application website SEO, is a higher level of website marketing strategy.Site optimization services is not a certain keywords ranking as the ultimate goal, but completely in order to enhance the site search engine friendly degrees as the core, through improving the quality of website, get a better sorting weight and search traffic, and for the final sales service.    Keyword analysis and conclude the most important step is to determine the SEO direction.However, how to choose the keywords?Firstly you should consider from the relevance of the site, such as our website is to provide the website construction of the service, then the corresponding keywords can be selected to do website, display the website construction, enterprise website construction, and so on. Site structure is very important.Firstly the visitor's site structure to be clear, easy to search engine spiders catch up.If the site itself is the layout, all can't find the key, even can't see the human eye, let alone a spider. The website should be a whole, not only to optimize the visitor's home page, also can bring about other content page flow and customer.For web content,it should be updated on a regular basis, one of the most important part is how to write something original soft, soft in this paper, we try to deal with the subject of keywords, it will get twice the result with half the effort. Site internal links should be reasonable to connect the entire site, let the search engines to understand the importance of each page.Chain and to avoid death, death chain will affect the whole image of the entire site, moreover is through the link to search engine to search, dead links will reduce the weight of visitors in the search engine. If you want to know more details,please click
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    Helper VI

    Didnt google remove the weight on keywords 2 updates ago? According to them, keyword spamming is so prevalent that they had to remove it as a factor.
    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @