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    Marketing outside your service area

    We own/operate a kayak rental on the Mispillion River in Delaware. We are close to the beaches (Rehobeth, Lewes, Ocean City are a half hour, hour away) and one of our marketing strategies is to market to the visitors already on vacation in those locations. A vacation from the vacation. What is the best (most cost effective) way to reach those people? Anyone successfully done it? How did you go about it?

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    Helper II

    I've seen two things done very successfully, if you can develop a working relationship with local vacation rental companies.  The first is to give them a refrigerator magnet for every property that has your information on it.  Vacationers love having a magnet to use, and there is your information every time they use the frig.  You will probably need to add more during the season and some will "walk" off with customers ;). The second is to have postcards or a flyer printed that can be left in the properties.  Many vacation rentals have a book or file of "to do" things for occupants to browse through.  I assume you already have things at any local tourism offices?

    Magnets = Genius

    Getting Started

    A few questions/suggestions for you:

    • Are you connected with the chambers of commerce at the locations you mention?
      • Do you attend their networking events?
      • Do you belong to the chambers?
    • Do the locations you mention have visitor centers?  If so, do you have information on display?
    • Do the communities you mention have free visitor maps?  If so, do you advrtise in them?