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    Getting Started

    Start up digital media marketing real estate hybrid website with MLS access and IDX Broker website

    Hey Guys,


                       I've started a real estate digital media marketing website that's gaining momentum. As a development partner of IDX Broker. I'm able to provide real estate listings from over 600 nationwide Boards of Realtors. We're currently super affordable and seeking real estate brokers, mortgage, insurance, and title to advertise..


    Todd Cox


    R. Todd Cox
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    Todd, please send me more information about your website for real estate brokers.  Thanks.


    Danielle Childers

    Getting Started

    Hi Todd,

    If I am interpreting this correctly you're not here. looking for help but looking for people /businesses that want to advertise with you correct?

    Not correct.  I am a real estate broker.  I am looking for an IDX lead generating website/CRM/ social media automation platform.


    Thanks for clarifying
    Are you generating significant traffic to your website currently?
    Costs for an IDX platform vary greatly (I'm sure you are aware) have you crunched the numbers to ensure there is an ROI?
    At this point, if you are generating strong traffic to your website & you have a (monthly) budget in mind then you can find multiple IDX specefic conversations/groups and recommendations online.
    If you're a start-up with no website or minimal traffic, then I'd suggest working on lead gen in more basic formats before paying for an IDX solution.
    If you describe your situation in more detail, then we here can better support you.