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    Hi, I am a developer but I am tired of building websites and businesses for clients. I do not wish to start another agency as I already do that for my day job. I want to start an e-commerce site or build something, but I am not sure what to pick for a business name or domain name and what the business should even be for.


    I love coffee and wouldn't mind selling things related to coffee or something like that, but I am not sure what to do.


    Can anyone who has started something or who has any insight please help guide me a bit?




    P.S. I posted this in the other forums but found this one and it seemed more suitable so I apologize for the double post.

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    Getting Started

    Hello I can really help you.

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    Okay, so you love coffee...  That's a start!  


    Whatever you do, you have to be passionate, excited and have a vision for how you can put up website, in a very competitive market nonetheless, and stand out from all the rest already offering coffee stuff.


    How do you do that?  A unique angle, perspective, personality, mascot, attitude, story, process...


    What can you do to be different, better and more memorable than the other sites selling similar things?  Do you have a story that will resonate with others who have the same likes/passions as you do so they'll want to buy from you?


    Investigate your market and see what others are doing and look for ways to improve or stand out.


    Without knowing what you want to do and having a solid framework for how you plan on accomplishing that, you may find that you'll lose your momentum and enthusiasm.


    I've started lots of sites, shut down my fair share too because I didn't have the passion required that led to the commitment to do what was necessary.  What I learned is that you really need to *know* that what you want to do is different and unique -- to you.  Then you have to be willing to spend the time/money/energy to make it happen.   


    HTH! 😉



    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Getting Started

    Domains and hosting is so cheap anymore that you can test things out. Online advertising can be incredibly cheap. Think with your accounting hat, examine the numbers of what you want to do - if it works - make it happen! Hustle, find someone who can sell, or advertise your way to the top.

  is available for $5~ get it - write about coffee, have affiliate links, AdSense ads and the like. I did it with and I make a good income from it.

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    Just an idea, but something that's pretty popular with people these days is buying from companies who give back. You could dedicate a small percentage of profit to various charities. People like to feel good about themselves, so knowing that they're buying from a company who is going to do some good with it is a huge draw. You may even decide to let them select the charity their purchases contribute to during checkout. And then the purchase screen can redirect to a shareable "I just gave" screen after processing the payment (largely featuring your company logo and a link to your store, of course). Making money + giving to charity = win/win.

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    Coderainbow had some great thoughts. 


    Now here's something to add to that--articles and/or links to recipes using coffee. There are some great ones (I have one for a homemade coffee liquer that I make in the fall and give as gifts for the holidays)


    The various ways and methods to make coffee: campfire, french press, cold press, etc.


    The history of coffee. Where it came about and how it transcended.


    BUT, not to dilute YOU, keep you comments/interaction page totally separate and the focus on your content on you. Not the FB kind of thingy.


    Good LUCK! We'll be watching for your site!


    Yours can be the Wikipedia of coffee info! A blog/on-line store/info site 

    Talk with me. Nothing is more helpful than an optimistic, truthful, and unbiased opinion. (Kudos are welcomed. Thank you!)

    Personally, I find business names that aren't "catchy' or understandable at first glance something that can sink a great business idea.  The one that I have never liked is "Trivago."  I get the name, but honestly, even while typing it in this message it took me a bit to remember the crazy name.  Conversely, "" is so obvious, it makes me wonder how people pick the names of their businesses!  Thank you

    I think the key thing with choosing a business name is to make it stand for what your business brand and ethos is... which in reality, can be anything. Anything you want (within reason)  as long as you can attract your audience. 


    Many of the best company/brand names have nothing to do with the product that is being sold, and those ones have worked harder for a solid brand persona. However they tend to target a very select portion of audience. 


    Getting Started

    @Jagst3r15 I think eCommerce would be a great idea. But it has to be something unique or a niche as its already very crowded market. But if you target a niche it always works well.


    Nayan Khandor

    Nayan khandor
    Digital Marketing Consultant, India.

    Hi, I'm in exactly the same boat, so know exactly how you feel.  I too no longer want to build for clients.  

    It's great that you love coffee.  If you have a passion for something then you're more likely to put a lot of energy into it.  Look at the market and see if there's room for another competitor first of all.  What are you going to offer that your competitors don't? 


    I can't find the site now (sorry, I'll post if I find it) but there is a fabulous affiliate site that sells all things related to trekking.  They are passionate about it and so it doesn't look like your typical affiliate site.  You could provide genuine, well-written reviews of all things coffee related (coffee machines, coffee beans etc) and create an affiliate site.  


    We are in the very fortunate position of being able to develop sites.  For most start ups, this is a financial commitment before they even get off the ground.  As developers world is our oyster if we have a good idea.  For my plans I'm going to develop sites that will produce a recurring income.


    Hope that helps and best of luck!

    For those fortunate enough to be able to develop and might be interested in building a very complex platform and corresponding app please do let me know?



    I can assure you this project will most likely need an ongoing developer or two and a business mentor. Please keep in mind it for the X industry.


    I'm more than happy for you to be as creative as you like as long as the business plan is on track and yes it can incorporate coffee if you like 🙂


    Huge gap in the market. Will beed to sign non disclosure and non compete. I need the first part started ASAP. 


    Can not be hosted in USA or affiliated with USA company due to law changes.


    Thanks 🙂