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    Advocate II

    What is a Good 'Opens' Rate on E-Mail Marketing?

    What IS a good "Opens" rate on e-mail marketing newsletters?


    I use Constant Contact. My Opens Rate is usually at 40%, sometimes a little above.

    Constant Contact tells me that is well above average for my industry (fishing guide). However, I always wonder if it is telling me that just to make me feel good.

    Anybody willing to share their "Opens" Rate? I'd really like to hear what other folks, in other industries experience.

    My Opens Rate has actually declined since I've grown my contact list, but of course my overall views have still increased.

    BTW, if you want to sign up, go HERE.

    Or HERE to see my latest newsletter.


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    Super User I

    From what I have seen with my own clients, I'd actually say that anything above 20% is pretty good. The ones with the best open rates are the ones that have coupons in every message, etc. (I'm sure I wrote about that somewhere else on this forum).

    Just for grins, I Googled "constant contact good open rate" and found this on their website. So I'd say 40% is excellent, by their standards.

    Former Employee

    MarketingProfs put together a list of benchmarks of open rate, clickthrough rate, unsubscribe rate and other benchmarks, sorted by industry. Here's a link to the summary data: