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Domain Privacy and Certificate

Hello Everyone -


I thought I would drop by the forum to make a suggestion concerning the presentation of the linked certificate for Go Daddy domain certification.  I suggest centering it in the middle of the page and putting the green Go Daddy header and Go Daddy footer on the page to give it the robust brand recognition that Go Daddy advertises and leverages for authenticity of it's product.  Currently, I think that it does not give the polished look that a consumer is looking for and may devalue the lucrative brand recognition we all rely on for success (as the consumer trying to make an impact, I need strong brand affiliation out there!).  So... everything has been tops.  My experience has been excellent previously and currently with only a few exceptions.  The topic concerning domain certification and I am waiting to link to a functional Go Daddy "who is" portal.  Have a great week.  Thank you.




Jeffrey Semon

Helper III
Helper III

Re: Domain Privacy and Certificate

Great suggestion & I checked out your site.


It's worth mentioning you can link to GoDaddy's "who is" at although something tells me you're insinuating a more specific concept.


Consider i-frames too if you're really interested, although we both know that's old school. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain Privacy and Certificate

Hey @Night_Hawk_13_ Jeffrey, Thanks for this suggestion! I'm passing it on to the Domains team for their consideration. Take care!