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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Option for poll-type posts

I'd love to be able to post polls that users can vote on.


I'm thinking of this in the context of @Andy's post about "Community Founder" as a visible rank; a yes/no vote would be great for support features like this. But they'd also be great to gauge demographics.


For example, in the topic "Building and Managing a Website":

What are you using to build your website?

> GoDaddy Website Builder

> WordPress

> Another Content Management System

> Just code

> Other


That would give everyone a better idea of what products our community is using, which will be really helpful when giving advice. Just a thought! Robot Happy

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Option for poll-type posts

Thanks @valasaurus! We'll take this into consideration as the Community grows. @Andy and I will be adding polls occasionally so keep throwing out some ideas of topics you'd like to see polls for.