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Please refund back on service i didn't buy by your auto renew on ssl with domain expired


It is a mistake and i didn't purchase your ssl certificate, domain has been expire a long time ago. Please fix this issue as soon as possible with your charging on my card with last 4 digit 8895 and i put auto renew is off but why your system auto charge for ssl by unkown reason and i never buy ssl before or tick any option related ssl. It make me feel unsafe to stay with godaddy system and chart always off with no email support & phone call so difficult to contact. It happen 8 hours ago before i come to post here and it is a Saturday, so don't know it against your policy or not if i wait to your chart until Monday time. 

Sok Sovan

I have same probelm with renewl of 1 host i never used before and totally forgotten, last some hours they charge from my paypal 95 $ !!!

The problem is today is Saturday and Sunday no work, so must wait next monday !



Hey @soksovan9@fttpo,


Since the is a public discussion forum, no one here is going to have access to your account details to assist with a refund request. If you've already canceled the service recently renewed in your account, then you'll need to reach out to our live support via phone or chat so they can assist you with a refund request.


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