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Community Team

What types of organizations do you work with/specialize in? - Andy

We've met developers who will work with anyone and everyone as long as the scope is practical and the budget exists. We've also met developers who specialize in specific types of organizations, e.g. real estate, oil/natural resources, enterprise B2B, eCommerce, auto dealerships, etc...


What about you? What types of organizations do you work with? And do you consider yourself a "specialist" for any particular industry?

Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro
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Helper III

I work for telecommunications companies and payment web applications.

I'm a specialist in linux/unix server maintenance and networking.


I program in several languages:

  • html/html5
  • CSS
  • javascript
  • PHP
  • mysql
  • python
  • bash
  • c#
  • c++
  • ASM
  • PERL
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