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godaddy disability descrimination complaint

i am deaf and have various other but can't get support because i can't use the telephone. and there is no email support.
i have many things i want answers to, but the main thing is:

Hosting is slow! very very SLOW.
.SLOW. A simple one page using basic html and nothing more than 4 hyperlinks with one small image takes a good 20 seconds to load. on a good day.
 yes one site is hosted via cloudfare for free https, but also the other sub-domain site is NOT. and that takes as long, or probably a bit longer with only one link and a image.
Why it's hosted on North american servers when i am in UK and visitors are likely in UK or europe i have no idea. i have mentioned this but nothing was done. whats baffling is that is hosted in germany. so anything done via plesk travels around the world and back. Absolutely useless.

and ODIN... i dont know when they appeared, but they haven't made anything better. but do check the terms and conditions on their parent site about data gathering and privacy policy...  it's an horrific read of privacy abuse and complete, total and undeniable data slurping, which is sharing with all but an individual. and no way to opt out of course.

Yes i am unhappy. i won't purchase anything from godaddy again and i certainly won't recommend it's products or services to anybody, especially because of the lack of email support for disabled and hard of hearing people.

update: oh, and then i HAVE to put a label on this post? but it wont allow any label. it has to be an existing label. thats not very good or even useful, so i am labelling it with everything it will accept  


Re: godaddy disability descrimination complaint

I got customer support through web chat earlier today. I oddly cannot find how to access it now though. I have another problem that explicitly says to contact support for but can't use a phone right now either.


Re: godaddy disability descrimination complaint

Hi @User445894,


Thanks for posting and expressing your concerns. I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy. Unfortunately, we don't offer email support but we do offer live chat, it is available Monday through Friday from 5am - 6pm Arizona time, USA. On the English version of our Help page, feel free to use our live chat so our support can take a closer look at the situation or if you'd like to provide your domain name here, others in the Community may be able to offer suggestions. 


Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Re: godaddy disability descrimination complaint

Hi Lisi. Thank you for reply, but that's not really a solution. Although i accept that it is the only answer that you personally can give as you don't have control of the resources. So nothing personal, but, not satisfactory.

.Online chat is potentially an option to pursue, but severely limited as it doesn't work for european customers unless they keep US hours. So much for 24/7 support!
An example is today: I have an issue that is related to a hosting server running out of disk space on the operating systems host drive, and I can't seem to report it quickly.

The attached screen dump is the current issue. i'm just trying to download a historical backup of just 2.3gb the entire site is 4.7gb including that 2.3gb which i want a local copy of.


error downloading backup-redacted.jpg

Re: godaddy disability descrimination complaint

thanks Celly.  I tried to give kudos but it won't let me 😞