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"Help"/Need help? buttons should lead to an active hyperlink to chat with support rep!

Subject line really says it mostly - FYI I had to have a CSR publish my site contents because the 'publish' function in website builder crashed repeatedly.(TY Tabitha!)

Good to be here - much nicer than TuCows!

Former Employee

Hiya Erik,


I'd love to learn more. Which Help button are you referring to?



Me too.  Phone support has been ok, but takes too much time.  I get 20 minutes between live shows at my planetarium to solve all the worlds problems.  It takes me that long to just get in the phone support cue.  I need chat available to me and I need it NOW!  It's the ONLY way I will get any support from Godaddy.  I wished I would have known GoDaddy advertised chat support, but didn't actually practice it - before I spent hundreds of dollars on a hosting service I can't use.

I was able to procure a larger block of time and call a GoDaddy CSR.  He fixed both of my problems in short order and educated me in the process.  I have to admit, my frustration stems more from my not knowing exactly what needs to be fixed, than it does with the support staff’s ability to fix it.  I believe that all the ones I have talked to so far have given at least 100%.  Thank you.

Hey @CaptainRob,


I'm glad to hear you got your issue worked out with our phone team.


To clarify the concerns with our chat availability, this team is not 24/7 like our phone teams. Our chat team is available Mon-Fri 5AM - 6PM Arizona time (UTC-7). When they're in, you should be able to start a session from the buttons on the top or bottom of this page.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at