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    Managed Wordpress site slow and difficulties updating



    I've recently been having a great deal of trouble with my site  The backend can be very slow; updates (core and plugins) constantly fail/time-out and front-end page loading can sometimes take up to 13 seconds (but also sometimes much faster).  


    I've had to restore the site from backups on numerous occasions because failed updates caused irreversible problems.  


    I've run many Wordpress sites elsewhere and never encountered these problems.  Tech support tells me it's a plugin issue but the problem continues without any plugins installed.  Also, I'm not using any plugins that I haven't used elsewhere.  


    This is only a recent problem; at first the site worked without issue but I can't identify any major changes I've made that would account for these problems.


    Does anyone have any suggestions?  It's a live site and these performance issues are coming at the absolute worse time.  


    Thanks in advance for any help,




    If you are a Managed WordPress customer and you are experiencing latency or site performance issues, we recommend disabling your plugins and changing themes to test the performance of the site. If it improves, you may have an issue with one or the other. We also suggest visiting the official Wordpress website and search for "optimization". That will give you some good suggestions on how to proceed: 

    Additionally, even with the most sleek of plugins, large images kill site performance.  I use a program called IrfanView. It allows me to web-optimize all of my images for a site in a single "batch" operation.  In addition there are image compression plugins for WordPress. Try to do as much optimization offline as that will keep WordPress from having to work so hard online.

    KristyW - GoDaddy | Community Moderator | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

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    Helper VI

    Hello @cgnaca


    I have for you a few suggestions:

    - install and use this cache plugin

    - in the "Share This" module, try to limit the share option to 4-6 apps (especially remove Pinterest)

    - if you don't have an image optimizer plugin, I suggest you use this**bleep**/


    EDIT- As you can see, the forum transforms wp-smus...hit (without ... ) in to wp-smu**bleep**

            - I hope you understand how you have to type that link


    Also, you can test your site to see what further improvements you can do, by using this tool.


    Good luck.


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    Getting Started

    Thanks Adrian.  I've tried the fix with "Share This" but doesn't seem to have much effect.  


    The rest I've already tried.  I already use the optimization plugin you're suggesting and the Managed Wordpress platform won't let me install a caching plugin because apparently GoDaddy takes care of that itself. 


    I've been through Pingdom Tools, GMetrix speed tests, Google Page Speed Insights, etc. and tried to fix as much as I could.  I get similar warnings from other sites not hosted on GoDaddy but don't have speed problems like I do here.  


    Grateful for any other ideas you may have.



    Lately I've seen a lot of errors regarding the Managed WordPress platform from GoDaddy.


    I'm not using that hosting plan, and I don't know exactly what access you have to the hosting configuration, but if you have access to select the PHP version of your server then try to enable memcached , maybe that will help you.



    ***Signature: -> Do not assume anything! If you want help, explain your problem. If my post helped you, give it a Kudo. If you have the solution, mark the topic as Solved.

    My Managed Wordpress Website, is also EXTREMELY SLOW - both the desktop and mobile versions.

    The W3 Total Cache is unavailable on managed WordPress . 

     This is a serious problem.  NO ONE will wait around for a site that takes over A MINUTE to load.   I don't think there's anything so "fancy" going on with our website which would justify this.

    Before I move to another host, does anyone know how to remedy this? 

    Run a site test on GT Metrix Change the server to Dallas and Cable modem for a more realistic speed test. Their reports will show you what you need to fix, which is a lot of stuff.


    I've been having the same problems for months.  I'm about to move on from GoDaddy.  It takes forever to load my Dashboard during the daytime hours, so it's nearly impossible to get any work done.  My time is too valuable for me to put up with it for much longer.



    I'm experiencing the same issues, and I'm wondering if you ended up switching off GoDaddy?

    I'm so frustrated.  

    Because I'm not technical, I am looking for a resource/person who is familiar with WP that can help me get out of GoDaddy, and into a better hosting environment.


    Any names or suggestions would be so appreciated!

    Thanks. Leslie

    my website is based on a world press hosting with godaddy i purchased a template in and i fixed it after but the website is very slow the template support said  

    "As i checked your hosting is not letting you to install another cache plugin and it seams their builtin cache plugin is not working properly!

    Also i did’t find any way to access the files in your hosting!
    you need to add the codes was pointed in the image into .htaccess file.

    Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to check it."

    so how can i fix this . 

    Any help Guys ??

    Nice example of award winning support right here, this guy has the same issues as me.


    I can't even access my site via sftp without it disconnecting every 15 seconds.


    I literally want a way of downloading my files so i can gtfo of godaddy find a host that doesn't try and capture an Australian audience when their datacentre is based in the US.

    Getting Started

    Same here - my site is slow as hell.


    Everytime I chat to an agent for a resolution, all they try and do is sell me something.


    I'm tied in for 5 years. Great



    I am facing exactly same issue as Anthony and others. I have managed wordpress hosting and cPanel hosting with GoDaddy. Never had this slowness or any other issue with cPanel hosting, however managed hosting has been a mess. I bought managed hosting with the hope that my hassles will be reduced, however exactly reverse is the case. I disabled all the plugins, tried opening page in private window, optimized db and images but nothing solved the core problem of slowness of wp dashboard.


    I think it's time to move away from GoDaddy and look for other better alternatives. I can't spend hours to just look my dashboard taking forever too load or post updates getting lost with 408 request timed out error. 


    My previous topic post was moved into another thread for some reason which didn't even answer my question. So i'll post it again as i'm still looking for this "award winning" support.


    Looking to leave Godaddy as the performance is beyond slow, i'm unable to use sftp as it disconnects every 15 seconds with a timeout when uploading or downloading, my other sites hosted elsewhere work fine, I've put this down to database distance from Australia and perhaps overloading of shared sites. I would like a server with a database closer to home. I'd like to retrieve a full backup of my site somehow.


    Where can i download a full backup of my wordpress hosting and databases without using sftp as it's painstakingly unusable to me?

    Having the same problem and I've only been with GoDaddy for about 2 weeks!  The dashboard and general editing loading times are so slow, and my site's only tiny and in it's very early stages, that it's already become virtually unusable.

    Very disappointed with GoDaddy, and I really don't want to start fixing something that I'm paying good money for to be usable and as advertised - so I think I'm going to leave ASAP - it's just not worth the bother or lost time to me to remain with what's turned out to be a nicely advertise and publicized service with GoDaddy that has not substance or truth in reality.

    Perhaps I'll return to the hapless BT - at least their servers were usably responsive....

    GoDaddy - GoElsewhere more-like.

    Very disappointed and quite disgusted with the pathetic loading times.


    This has been happening to me for about 2 weeks now.  It's impossible to get anything done.


    We make all changes in Staging and them move to production.  It's just to unreliable any other way.

    After attempting to update a plugin - it give you the maintenance page which means it's going to fail and it does .  when it comes back the plugin still needs updating.  we used to be able to do many at once, no longer is that a trusted case.  Now we have to do them one at a time and IF it finally works, move it from staging to production which also takes forever lately.  After that go back in and hope another plugin updated (one at a time again) if it fails either restore from prod or try again


    I'm experiencing the same problem, just wondering, did you switch hosts? Where did you go?  

    Thanks, I'm desperate to switch!



    Same issue here. I tried everything: minify js, css, cache... compress... everything.


    But the problem is obviously with the server.



    My website:





    I am having the same issue.. I have try to update the same thing almost 10-15 times to make it work....that's how to slow the managed hosting service is.


    Also they are providing the Europe Data Canter for Managed Hosting Service In INDIA..which is not recommended and when we call the customer service even they are unable to support us. 

    Getting Started

    Been with GoDaddy for less than a week.  Page Builder won't load, just spins.  I tried to make a change in the dashboard and that won't take.  I spent 3 days rebuilding my site, moved from Weebly, and I am worried I am going to have problems for the next 3 years.  I was told I have a 30 day refund policy.  I might have to take that serious. 



    I'm experiencing the same issues, and I'm wondering if you ended up switching off GoDaddy?

    I'm so frustrated.  

    Because I'm not technical, I am looking for a resource/person who is familiar with WP that can help me get out of GoDaddy, and into a better hosting environment.


    Any names or suggestions would be so appreciated!

    Thanks. Leslie