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    New Managed Wordpress Dashboard and Admin Page

    Hi I have signed up for this, this evening. (My domain is www.brighterdays.co.nz). When I try accessing the wordpress admin (WP Admin button) or changing the theme this says 'site cannot be reached'. 


    I have checked the DNS settings and this appears to be correct.


    1) Does this take a certain amount of time to update?

    2) Will I be able to upload a theme that I have purchased (once I can access the WP Admin page)?



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    Advocate VII

    Hi @thecockneykiwi,

    I was able to reach your site no problem.  May have been a brief propagation delay as site went to full domain name.


    With regard to themes, yes you can!  That's one of the big advantages of the managed wp at GoDaddy.  I use some very plugin heavy themes and they work great on GD servers.


    Hope this helps,



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