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    Site Infected

    Hi guys, my site has been blocked for malware content.


    I have purchased SiteLock account and ran scans, and it has detected malware on pages. Here is the report:


    Site Name,
    Scan Type, Malware
    Items Scanned,23 Pages, 32 Links
    Items Infected,13 Pages, 0 Links
    Your Page,Type,Category,SubCategory,Severity,More Detail,Found By,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google;,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate&ver=4.7.4,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google una contraseÂa nueva,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google,page,malware,malware,Urgent,,Google 

    The problem is that I am supposed to restore these infected files, but they have changed owner (became Root instead of my user), so I cannot possibly overwrite them by FTP.


    Apart from that I am seeing  a lot of .SUSPECTED files, that I do not own or can delete either.


    Can you please throw some light here? many thanks.



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    Can I leave this host and transfer my wordpress to another shared wordpress host??

    We do not want to be connected to malware.

  of Godaddy ip reports that the host is used for malware.


    I also reported this to the godaddy abuse-desk

    Not applicable

    Hi @schumi,


    It is your site that is infected / hacked, NOT the server. Until you follow the instructions of removing the malware from, simply moving your hosting will NOT work. You will immediately get flagged up yet again. FIX THE PROBLEM!


    Run anti malware on your site. It has been compromised. 

    I will not answer future posts on this.