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    Temp Domain Name

    I just spoke with customer support, who confidently told me that in order for my website not to be visible while I work it, I need to use my temp domain name.  So, I switched to the temp domain name. 

    PROBLEM: I can type in the domain name (the one that will be permanent) and the site still comes up!!  How am I supposed to privately work on my site without it being visible to the web public?  So frustrated!!!!  What am I doing wrong???

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    Hi @sosjh,

    you have cleared your browser history first, right?

    If that's not it then download MAMP or XAMMP (both available from the official MAMP site), and now there is AMMP, which is reportedly better. 

    Build your site locally. Always the best practice to build locally. Though some of your funny cat 🐱 pictures will have to go to make room. 

    Thanks! Yes, I had cleared browser history, cookies, etc.


    It still showed up.  


    I asked a couple of friends to try it, but they couldn't get to it -- so that was a relief. 


    Thanks for the download resources!!!!