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    Wordpress staging backups?

    Looking at Managed Wordpress backups, there is only option to restore production website. What about staging website backup?


    Some changes were lost before being pushed to production website (mostly css changes in one file) and thanks to SFTP that keeps breaking connections with filezilla, now the file is gone.


    So, any idea how to get backup from staging site restored?



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    Hey @JJ_,



    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    Backups should be made for both Production and Staging sites, they are just stored separately between servers. Because of that the option to select a date to restore the staging site from your end isn't currently available.

    However, you can reach out to our live support via phone or chat to request a restore of the staging site from one of the backups. Our hosting team will have tools available internally to help recover the content for you. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    this comment above is very misleading (so says a godaddy agent) 


    there is no way for them to restore  a staging site from a backup. 


    how do i know this?  3+ hours on the phone with customer service.....


    now, igo daddy sort of forced me to upgrade to a deluxe managed wordpress after informing me about a staging website, but of course didnt mention, hey if something goes wrong theres no way to backup your staging website! so now i am screwed as all the work i have been doing on my staging website got messed up with one click by installing a certain now i am paying $120 a year for what?? being able to get 10k visitors per month? my website currently gets 2k monthly. 


    godaddy needs to upgrade how they handle staging websites, i was not informed to download some plugin to backup my website because godaddy has insufficient ability when it comes to staging websites.



    GO DADDY THIS IS NOT COOL. and yes im thinking of migrating somewhere else