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I want to create a link that has my .com domain name in it and I want it to end with .apk. How do I do that?



Hi @budsteel55,


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Unfortunately, the suffix, .APK, is a file extension, not a TLD - Top Level Domain. Domains require registries that issue and register domain names with their extensions. We're not aware of a Registry that has currently licensed those letters as a TLD. What we would suggest, is you can create a subdomain to use for your URL. This would look like "APK.YOURDOMAIN.COM", .(com, or .info, .org, .dev, etc), being the TLD.





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Hello, thank you for the response. It was certainly informative and helped me understand some terminology better.


However, I wasn't looking for a TLD that has APK, I want to know how to create a link that uses my domain name ( so when it is clicked on, it will take the person to download the APK. So the link will look something like ""


I hope I make sense.

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Thanks for clarifying @budsteel55. The way you would do this would depend on how you're building your website. Since it's not really something specific to domain registration but rather content creation, I'd suggest using one of the other forums we have in the Community that's specific to the platform you're using to build your website (WordPress, GoCentral, cPanel, etc). I suggest reviewing the post here to learn more about what kind of information you can supply to help others offer good responses. Hope you're able to get this figured out!


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