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Domain Buy - the status says "Closed"

I purchased the "Domain Buy" product for GoDaddy to see if they could purchase a URL that I want. However on the set up page the status says "Closed" and it will not allow me to enter a starting or maximum offer. Am I doing something wrong or is the site that I want off limits and GoDaddy just ripped me off for $69? Any help would be great.





Hi @stemarshall


Thank you for your post. Domain Buy Service has a 30 day lifespan for the services. However, if you have not yet setup the offers for the domains our DBS team may be able to apply that credit towards a new purchase of the services or may refund the entire purchase amount back to you.


Without knowing the exact details of the situation it will be hard to determine why the request was closed. Please contact our customer services department for our agents to review your concern.


Thank you!