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Domain Disappeared From My Account

I have contacted several times godaddy customer support regard this, one time they told me staff only available monday to friday. another time told me they will call back shortly still not. And again I have to pay admin fee 50$ to restore the domain and reason It's happen due to bank dispute. but domain amount deducted by card. I don't know why I need to pay admin fee for my domain. okay anyway I have paid and call again. then told me will active whithin 72 hours. Now more than 2 weeks ago. still not. By disappearing domain and website. I lost my business and clients. but they don't care about this. do you have any experience about this? contacting customer support is useless? could I take legal action regard this? or any quick methods to do?? are they can take over domain without my permission??


this is my domain:


If go to website it looking anyone can Get This Domain.


NOTE: If I post new topic it's moved to comment. If no solution get. I will post everywhere in internet.


Re: Domain Disappeared in My Account

Hi @cajitan,


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An external whois lookup show that the domain is in a GoDaddy account. If you had processed a chargeback for a renewal, GoDaddy incurs a fee ($50) that must be repaid to recover the domain. Make sure that you look for it in the original account in which it was renewed. If you still don't see it in your domain manager, please contact the support team as it is still with GoDaddy but not available for purchase. 



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