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Domain name showing up right

When I purchased my domain and set up my website almost two years ago I was with a different company than I am now. (I really do not know how the old company name even got in there as I wasn't using the website for the company but to educate people about CBD OIL) Anyway, when I post my link on social media it shows up with my old company name. I talked to live support a couple months ago and I thought we had it removed it and fixed it but it still shows up. Is there something I can do in my dashboard to fix this problem? It should not have Cindy"s should be just Hemp for a pain free also should not have a . after it either.



Community Manager

Hi @katahdingirl. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It looks like you may have already addressed this. I'm not seeing the same information when I try sharing your URL. If you didn't already know, Facebook has a caching system for information about websites. You can force Facebook to update it's cache by using the tool here


HFAPFL Facebook share.png


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