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How Can I Add A TXT Record When I Have Custom Nameservers?

I would like to add a txt record to my domain so that Google can verify it. However, I have custom nameservers that point to my hosting account. Therefore, Godaddy says that I can't edit the DNS because they don't control my DNS. Is it possible for me to still add a TXT record? Of so, how?



Helper V

you should still be able to add the txt record. I checked my account and even though I am using Cloudflare for DNS and using their nameservers I can add a records for DNS using Godaddy domain control panel. do you get any errors when trying to add the txt record?



I'm having the same issue...I dont have the ability to add records...did you figure this out?



Former Employee

Hi @PingPong6, It seems like several people have this question, so thanks for bringing it up. The following article will tell you how to add a TXT record in an account here:


However, if you are pointing to third-party (custom) nameserver control you would need to use that provider's control panel to do so. Because there are so many of these providers there is no one way to do that (if there was, we'd tell you) so we can only suggest that you contact that provider for help in adding the record.


Thanks for the inquiry.


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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yes unable to add record

Hi @md1

If that domain is not hosted with us, you need to contact your hosting provider on how to edit your TXT record. When a domain has 3rd party nameservers, the DNS control of your domain is no longer with us. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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unable to add record