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How do I update my domain's IP address?

I need to update my domain's IP address and am not sure how to do it. Would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!


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It sounds like you have the proper information from your web host, you'll just need to input them into the DNS manager.  Here is an article that should help:

Manage DNS for Your Domain Names

One of the considerations in updating your domain's IP address is whether it needs to be on the C record or the A record.  For example, if you have a manged wp hosting, an IP address is provided when you create the installation and you only change your A record. 


A second example would be hosting on a cloud server provided a hosting company other than GoDaddy.  Many of these installations, require the IP address to be changed on the C record.  In this case, you'll need to make sure that all of your MX records which control your email services are properly configured.  In cases where C record changes are required, I highly suggest calling support to walk you through the process.  Its much more detailed than an A record update.


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Here's an article that describes how to edit your IP address,

Change my IP address