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How to back domain to my account


Please help me in fast time

i send to a friend my account info so he can renew my domain because my visa was have some problem

so he move my domain to his godaddy panel and renew my domain with private privacy

but he now told me that he can`t remove the domain from his godaddy panel to my account because the domain have private privcy with my name and he said to me that he don not have the right way to move the domain to my account again

so please give me the steps that he can move the domain to my account again



Hope some one help me

Community Manager

Hi, @ALAA1. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


If the domain is only using Private Registration, you and your friend should be able to move the domain back to your account using the steps in this article. However, this will cancel the Private Registration service currently on the domain. You would need to repurchase that service once it is back in your account. There is no way to move the domain from the account without it ultimately canceling the Private Registration service. However, Private Registration can be reufnded if it is canceled within 30 days of purchase.  


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