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Lost domain due to non-payment, content stolen

In May 2018, I lost my domain and hosting with GoDaddy due to non-payment. I thought all of the content on the domain would be lost as well, but it has been republished on the domain again with my content, my personal photos, and my links. They only thing that has changed is the new owner has added advertising on the site. How can I get my photos and content deleted from their site? The domain in question is Thank you.

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Sorry to hear about your situation...  This is a tough one.


Generally you would file a DMCA complaint (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and then have to prove that the content and images are yours.  Usually this is pretty easy to do because when someone steals content there is the original live site of the original owner to compare to as proof.  But you don't have that.  GoDaddy's DMCA page is here.


In your case, this may not be a DMCA case as much as a case of Right of Publicity issue.  Because your name and photos are being used for commercial gain without your permission, you may have some standing to request those be removed.    If you do a search for "Right of Publicity" you can read up on that and see if it is something you can use to your advantage.

(I am not an attorney and I don't play one on T.V. 😉 )  HTH!


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Hi @JanetKrugel,


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We understand that you lost your domain through expiration. If your content for that website has been replicated, you can file a claim with our Abuse Team. Please email and provide the history of the domain and website, and your customer number, so that our team can review the website. You'll also need to contact the hosting company that is supporting this website on their servers (it is not at GoDaddy). 




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