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My domain forwarding stops working on my PC but will still work on my phone

My godaddy account is from the US and I believe all of the configurations are based upon that.  I have many sub domains from forwarded to other random domains as short cuts.  

Like is forwarded without masking to


Typically everything works fine, but after some amount of time the forwarding no longer works unless I call into godaddy and they "refresh" the domain. Who knows what that means but as soon as they do that all of the forwards come back to life instead of hanging and then chrome telling me "This site can’t be reached".  It also fails in EDGE and IE


Before "refreshing" the domain, if I us my mobile phone with mobile data, it forwards without a problem. If I connect my mobile phone to my house wifi, sometimes it will forward and other times it wont.


I am physically in Argentina right now.


Any insight would be appreciated. I am tired of calling in all the time to have GoDaddy "refresh" the domain and usually it takes 5 minutes of explaining to the tech to get them to "refresh" it.