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Renew a wildcard certificate, what happens to the old certificate

We have an active wildcard certificate * that is valid till  1.12.2016


The autorenewal hit me and I was not sure what impact this has on my still valid, active certificate.

I understand that the new certificate will then be valid till 1.12.2017 (so you don't lose days).


What I don't understand is WHEN will this happen as I don't want to break my valid, active certificate yet.


I was already asked by the autorenew process for a domain validation. Do I have to validate my domain now or will this validation revoke my active certifcate?



Re: Renew a wildcard certificate, what happens to the old certificate

Hello @mjp!


Welcome to the community! To explain how SSL Certificate renewals work, I'll provide verbiage from our help article that explains it:


Renewing your SSL is a multiple-step process that varies depending on your certificate type and wher...

You can purchase and apply SSL renewals during a 90-day renewal window: 60 days prior to the expirat...

For example, if your certificate expires June 15, you must purchase and apply the renewal credit bet...

After you purchase the renewal credit or your SSL auto-renews, you must apply the credit to your exp...


SSL Certificates will renew right at the beginning of the 90 day window. You don't need to apply the credit immediately. It renews early to avoid any interruption in protection.


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