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Why is godaddy selling new domain registration info

I am sick and tired of the endless telemarketing calls right after I register a domain. And do not give me the whois info is public line they would not know to look unless they are getting this info from godaddy. There is no way they are sitting there searching these random names every single day hoping someone registers it so they can call. Its too many of them and it needs to stop. I am not going to start buying private registration just to avoid it. I may have to switch my business elsewhere.

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Re: Why is godaddy selling new domain registration info

I fully understand what you mean @DanLewisFW As the occasional owner and often admin contact for a ton of domains I to get those unsolicited offers.

You seem to already know the stock answer so I'll not add it again. Sadly it is not a GoDaddy thing, it's really an ICANN thing. In my experience registering domains the company does not matter. When it comes to being solicited to I see little difference in purchasing domains from one company to another.

Even as a company registered to sell domains by ICANN I get solicited from domains I register through my own company. I know that I'm not releasing information. Sadly there are scripts running right now and lists popping up as .CSV attachments in email boxes all over the world. Yay internet!
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Re: Why is godaddy selling new domain registration info

Yep. I was just going to say that. Domain names are public. You can buy one and it gets pushed out to a public IP server and these people have lots of computers setup to just throw random words and letters out to domain lookups and keeps track of the failed ones, compares them each time and when it gets a hit on one that had previously not existedit moves to a second step to do an IP lookup and scrape the company contact information and drop it into a database while still performing the checks on another 100 or so IPs pr hour. Then they sell the database.  Here's one suc h progran.