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Accidentally Purged Emails - Workspace Email

I accidentally deleted a large swatch of my email because my Outlook was set to purge emails after 14 days. I'd really like to get them back, they're personal letters and business letters. Any help or direction to resources appreciated. I'm using Workspace email.

Community Manager

Hi @rlchrist


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Workspace Email accounts have the potential to be set up in 3 regions: US, Asia-Pacific (AP), and Europe (EU). If you're on a US or AP plan, then support should be able to restore removed emails from our emergency backups if you contact them soon. If you're on an EU server, then no backups are kept. This is due to data retention policies in the EU. Hope that helps!


Related question for the Community: Do you use any type of backup solution for your emails? What do you use? 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Hi there - I've many times previously restored an accidentally deleted Inbox by eMailing someone - I'm not sure whom -- and requesting that my Inbox be restored to a date and time. But I have no idea to whom I eMailed. And yours doesn't say so? Please give me the eMail address I need? -- Thanks in anticipation - Sincerely - Brian

I need to recover an accidentally deleted e-mail as well.  Any help would be appreciated

I am in the US and was just told by godaddy support that they can only restore to a snapshot at any midnight over the past 14 days.

So no matter how quick I call, any emails purged by mistake from the last midnight to the next midnight are lost forever.

This seems to disagree from what I read posted by JesseW MODERATOR.  Am I misunderstanding what JesseW wrote, or is support incorrect or JesseW not completely correct?  

Thank you for your help in advance.

my inbox indicates that i have unread email in inbox but i cant ACCESS the mail