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After My Free Workspace Email Is Cancelled

I have 2 domains (no hosting) that have free workspace email that is going away soon. My question is will I still be able to keep the email POP settings and still be able to forward mail that is sent to my domains to my yahoo accounts? Or will I lose all email functionality that is associated with my domains?


Helper V

If they do (probably already did) to you what they did to me then everything is lost. If your email is still working then I suggest calling them immediately, do not wait for any responses here.


For me, I have to pay $25 a month for something i was getting for free. And I am losing messages. Conversion to the new account requires updating the DNS and that takes time. During that time I will likely loose messages.


I have this same question. It's bad enough that the free workspace email is going away (which is causing me plenty of problems already). But what about the email forwarding accounts? If that goes away too then I am definitely done with godaddy. It's essentially the only reason I have my own domains.

I chatted with customer support, and also called. The person I chatted with was difficult to understand, but it sounds like the forwarding will remain the same, and only the email account is going away. The person I spoke to on the phone more or less said the same thing, but she wasn't sure. I'm still not confident that my email forwards will not disappear next month.

I'm transferring my domains. I can't afford to have my emails halted.

@frankling I do not know but if you need POP email then GoDaddy cannot support it.

I don't need POP email.  But I do need my forwarding accounts.

Hi @frankling,


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It is true that GoDaddy free email forwarding credits are begin removed for all credits that were provided after June 3, 2019. Free email forwards are not being removed from existing users. In addition, Email Forwarding for 5 addresses can be purchased for just $2.95 a year through a GoDaddy customer support agent. I hope this helps bring the thread up to date and is helpful to you.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

So I renewed just after forwarding credits were removed? I renewed 3 domains around 7/1.

If I look at one of the accounts now, it says that a get a free email with the account. 

Storage0.17 MB of 1,000 MB (0.02%)
1 GB
(1 GB with plan)


There are no forwarding credits anywhere. There is no indication that this email is going away.

Another of the email sections is titled "Email - Free Hosting (100MB) - US Region - (recurring) - Email Plan 7", and it says that I get 100 email addresses. One if these is the one where I got the notice that it is going away.

GoDaddy messaging is confusing, at best.

If I log into my account and there is no indication that anything is changing, why would I pay for a service that I'm supposed to (and is indicated) that I get for free?

I appreciate that the I can buy forwarding, but that is a last resort for me. I don't like rewarding companies with more business when they take away things that I purchased. Or more accurately, services that I used in my price calculations when deciding to renew.

I got a email that one of my domains is losing the email. When I look in my account my other domain is  marked as the email is going away and the one I got the email about isn't. LOL

GoDaddy messaging is confusing, at best.



There is no indication that this email is going away.

Agreed. All support articles, messaging on the website gives no indication of what is changing. The accounts in my dashboard all look the way they always do, even the ones that are going away next month.


why would I pay for a service that I'm supposed to (and is indicated) that I get for free?

Good question.


I don't like rewarding companies with more business when they take away things that I purchased.



All of these things are going through my head the last couple of days. I am very frustrated with the confusing messages from GoDaddy, as well as every single interaction ending with some form of "But of course you can always pay more and get what you want." So that's their business model? Take stuff away that used to be included and make people pay for it instead?


I *think* that the products I need the most will remain part of my account when all is said and done, and if so then I will likely remain with GoDaddy for now, though I will continue to look for other options elsewhere. But if not, I am going to take my business to someone else sooner rather than later. I can't work with a company that does business this way. 



GoDaddy needs to step up their support game. There are loads of articles about setting up mail -- which is going away within two months. It makes finding articles that apply now very difficult.

We need articles about what is and isn't supported with the email going forward, and help on how to migrate.

For instance, how to set up a forwarding to gmail -- at least as a last resort. I have 13 address on 5 domains to deal with. Some of them I'll abandon, but some need to be supported. Zoho is a solution for some people with a single domain, but I'm already using that.

Like others, I have some domains only for the email. I recently did two-year renewals on some, then started getting emails saying that the email service was going away. It makes me think class-action, but I know they worded their agreements in a way that will protect them, so that would be wasted effort.

As things expire, I'm done with them. The only reason I stayed was the email, because that make their pricing worth it.

@OPUnWidetry 25 Mail St. They do POP mail. I have converted to them. It will cost me $6.50 for 5 email accounts spread across two domains. The main warning is that they need to validate domain names and that takes a few hours.


The problem I am having is that I have updated the MX record for one domain registered with Google Domains and the DNS is not propagating. I assume that would be a problem for any other email host too. The other domain that is registered with GoDaddy propagated very quickly and my email accounts for that domain is working great.