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All emails missing from inbox by 31 Dec 2017


I noticed today that all the email dated before 01/01/2018 were missing from the inbox. It seems all emails were deleted by the end of year 2017

Any information of what happened and is there anyone else facing same problem ?




Hi @JA77, thanks for posting.

If you are using Workspace email, you can call Support to see if any emails are recoverable. If you are using Office 365, any deleted emails will be restorable from the webmail in Office 365 or from within Outlook.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi JA77,

I have the same problem. Where did they go?? The previous response from Gary was of no help, check to see if they are recoverable, I didn't delete them, so who did and why that is the question.




I've just noticed the same most of my email (including sent emails) have gone.  Strangely enough some are still there from 2012.  Has anyone solved this.




Hi there,

I have just realised that my emails older than 2 weeks have randomly been deleted from my workspace account. The account has access to unlimited storage, so I don't delete emails from it.

As this is a work email account I need these emails....Is there any way these can be retrieved, and prevent this from happening again?

Thank you!

I have this same issue.  Need an answer as soon as possible.

When GoDaddy changed their unlimited email program from 10 emails to 5 emails, I worked with a sales person to buy the new plan. He moved my unlimited account from Unlimited Plan 22 to Unlimited Plan 23). Unfortunately, the first 5 years of email were deleted from Webmail. 2006-2011. I didn't discover it until a couple months later (approximately.)


When I noticed it, I called immediately, and was told there was a storage limit I had exceeded, and was told that if I moved the remaining email into folders that would help. I was also told there was nothing they could do to recover anything over 14 days old. I was so upset! And couldn't get anyone to help. I was very upset that I had purchased an "unlimited" email account that was apparently, was not, and said I thought it was false advertising. I didn't see a way to solve it, save suing them.


Today, as I get ready to pay for another year of "unlimited" I tried again today to ask about how to recover those 5 years (important historical records) and was told that 1) no one would have told me what the person last summer told me and it must have been something I did (I made no changes to my client side at all) and 2) that there was nothing that could be done. Both the customer service guy and his supervisor were somewhat condescending and vehemently denied what I was told last summer, and insisted that Godaddy did nothing wrong, and that email doesn't "just disappear." 


One other time I had a major problem with Godaddy's programatic changes (they cancelled a hosting plan, when a credit card I had attached to it when out of date.) They never notified me of it, and when I discovered the problem, I was told that the servers I had been old, they were migrating people off of them, and they had had problems with the automatic emails. Coincidentally, my credit card attached to hosting when out of date, I was never notified and they cancelled my hosting and a ton of my work was lost, forever, and because it was past 14 days, they said it was unrecoverable. 


Today when I conveyed that instance, I was told by the supervisor that that was impossible, and in all his time at the company (since 2003) he had never heard of an email notification problem. Well, it happened to me, and was confirmed by Godaddy staff, and he expressed surprise and tried to make it my fault again by saying that how could I not notice that my website was down for 30 days. Well, I didn't, I was traveling and the sites were a place holder for things were were planning on rolling out later. So all unpublished entries from the wordpress blog that was hosted there were lost, forever. I didn't know I needed to keep a local copy, as I hadn't had those problems before. The supervisor, instead of trying to help solve the problem insisted that the problem was either caused by me, or by my use of Mac Mail. 


The disappearing email is totally unacceptable. This is the history of my company and vitally important. I relied upon Godaddy and paid for unlimited hosting so that it wouldn't be lost. Now I'll have to get lawyers involved. And my trust level for Godaddy is totally gone. 


Sad but true: if you are a small business, do not rely upon Godaddy. 


Mission critical work should not be stored at Godaddy.

Happened to me !


Me Too. And its my client list! I'm outta biz. Hope someone has solution.

Getting Started

I had the same issue and finally figured it out no help from GoDaddy.... Go to your webmail, right click on the inbox, select auto purge, and change it to never.