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Asia Pacific Webmail: Cannot Move, Delete, or View Received messages

Since 2 days ago(Sep 22), my email client Apple Mail stop receiving emails. I logged in webmail and it just shows me 'no message' in inbox. The strange thing is that I can get the mails by searching and also can reply those mails. I tried several third party mail clients include Spark and Gmail, they also presents me the error from pop server. However they all work fine if I use another mail account under same domain. It seems that my email account is something weird. Blocked? Disabled? Please get my problem fixed before I lose my customers.


Hey everyone, 


Apologies for the delay getting back to you on this discussion. 


Last update I recently received confirmed our hardware changes were finished last Thursday evening. After continuing updates to lessen restrictions and the new hardware in place, the original errors reporting were no longer present. As a result the issue was considered resolved the same evening. However, we did continue to monitor the affected server through out this week to be sure of no re-occurrence. 


Since no further alerts related to the system issue have appeared, I would suggest any member using Workspace Mail in the Asia Pacific region please reach out to our live support from this point on so our agents can assist in investigating and resolving your errors. 


We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while our teams worked diligently to restore services to normal operations again. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

View solution in original post


On status from web link : it was be solved.

But I also could not get emails from Inbox. Nothing is inbox.


Hello @JoeJ and @HuyLai,


There are still issues with one of our email servers. I'd recommend reaching out to our support team to find out if you are one of those affected.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hi Heather,


I have an ongoing similar issue now all week. It's ridicilous. I've been on to support twice. First time they denied there was an issue. Yesterday the admitted there is an issue with POD 14 or POD 17 which the are working on. I was told it should be resolved in 24 hours. It is not. The issues I am having are with the Asia Pacific servers!

I've tried to phone support twice today and there is a problem with your system. When I press 2 for support nothing happens. Your system is not recognizing keypad inputs and so I can speak to no one.

How can we run businesses with this shoddy email?

Workspace email also has an issue. I can't attach any more than one file to an email and of course I can't get through to anyone on support due to the issue mentioned above.


As soon as I can get speaking to a human at Godaddy, I'll be trying to find out how to move to another provider. 

I am having this problem now... whats the status for others?... still a problem or resolved?

Hey @AZZ


Previously reported Pods have been addressed, but our teams are still working to correct one server from our Asia Pacific data center that is encountering this error. Apologies for any trouble caused.


This has been more difficult to address, but our teams have managed to find a temporary work around while they continue to diligently work towards a final resolution on the server. If your address is one of the few affected, you can use the following steps to still view your received messages:


1 - Log into Workspace Web base email.

2 - Click Adv. Search (Top Left).

3 - Adjust the Search parameter to choose one folder.

4 - Leave the search field blank.

5 - Narrow the search results to one day using the Date from and Date to.

6 - Click “Search”.

7 - This will display the list of email messages received during that time frame.


I hope this helps. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Thanks but this still doesn't help me... It doesn't show any search results for "Inbox"... I know I have been receiving emails last few days but cannot access them anyway.

I am on Node 19... any idea when that will be resolved?

Actually, the search thing worked thanks.

6 days are over and we r still facing same problem, it is really frustrating and affecting our work. No emails reaching outlook, iPhone, or ipad. Even through webmail it isn't working fine, u cant delete, u cant open some emails, ......pls take immediate action to sort out this issue. We trust you and we count on you Godaddy Team.

Status shows that they had updated a new version on 20th and I can not receive any email since that date. So the problem may caused by the new update.


There are three email accounts get this problem and others work fine. The difference between these three accounts and others are that they have over 10K mails in their inbox. So it is also email count relative.


Please fix it ASAP.

I am having same issue. I called on Friday 23rd and godaddy rep simply said it's not their problem. Now I know he wasn't updated. Poor management.


My problem was not receiving emails in my gmail. But I can send from gmail.


I have got 20 emails and there are 3-5 address having this issue.


For work around, I have setup forwarding but the original problem still presents.


For more detail on error here is the link:!topic/gmail/ezyvnkwHdvk;context-place=forum/gmail


Worst part is everytime when I raise any issue, they simply say it's not their fault, it's gmail or other third party. I strongly believe these days we cannot imaging a system that cannot talk with other (third party) system. 


Most likely will change my web mail to other company, would advise same for others. It's just time wasting. Once in a while there is something with godaddy server, doesn't runs smoothly.

Hi, I would appreciate if someone could help me. I can not delete any of my emails.

@creationsdesign wrote:

Hi, I would appreciate if someone could help me. I can not delete any of my emails.

Hey @creationsdesign,


That would be related to the Asia Pacific server our teams are still trying to address. Sending and receiving messages should still function, but moving or deleting messages between folders is still one of the symptoms being addressed. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hey CG


Have you been informed about this error too:


Server returned error: "Connection closed by remote host: The other server terminated our connection. Please contact your other email provider for more information."


I know it is related. Gmail cannot talk with server. Also when I check webmail there are none as others described.


Any time frame you could give us?


It's costing our business.




Sir, i have same problem.. cant delete my emails & after deleting again finding in INBOX


Guys I will appreciate if godaddy will fix our emails which is not working for a week now

I called 3 times and chat many and they keep saying we are working on it ???

we are a business and it is damaging our work

i am also facing same issue i have 25 unlimited accounts and few of them not showing email in inbox but does show unread count next to inbox , temprarely i have addid copy forwarding to other gmail account so can read emails till the problem is resolved

Same of my problem and I did the same thing , but this is frustrating

Hey @amir@Anas,


Have either of you tried the suggested work around I previously provided for viewing your received messages? What you're both describing is related to the issue our teams are still working to correct now. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

The problem is not viewing i already forwarded to my other email , but this is company email and outlook is not receiving it , when do you think this will be fixed ?