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Can no longer see my subfolder in Android mail

I have my desktop Godaddy folder set up as such:  Year>Customer< Emails.  My inbox is empty once I've read and moved the emails to their respective folders.  I have an Android S7 and was able to see all these folders on the Mail app.  I recently noticed that while I can see the year folders, many are empty and others have some emails but 1) do not have the customer subfolders and 2)are not nearly as many emails as there should be.  I have uninstalled reinstalled the email, all the subfolders are checked in the setup.  This is something new, within the last few months but I know I was able to access them in the past.  Any help is appreciated.

Community Manager

Hi @cp1014. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If all the messages are available in the account when you check it via desktop, then it seems likely this is a limitation of the app you're using to check mail. My guess would be that it has a configuration that only pulls in messages that are within a certain date range. You may want to double check the app's settings to see if this can be changed or updated. You could also try using a different mail app to see if it happens in the same way there. 


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