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Cannot login to may e mail

Hello iam new here i try to login to mai e mail adresses with the correct credential to my info@ impossible to login, support is only via telephone so no help from the hosting for this issue, hou you login in you webmail here???


Hi fretty23,

   Sorry to hear about the email login issues. I recommend that you remove the "http://" from your email address as this is not part of the domain itself and is not needed to be included within the username for sign in. Below I have listed the appropriate gateways for our different email platforms.


Workspace email:


Office 365


cPanel email

http://yourdomainname.tld/webmail (replace "yourdomainname.tld" with your registered domain)


Hope this helps! If you are still having issues with the email login please contact our 24/7 customer support and our representatives will be happy to assist you. 




Support and office hours by region |

Hello Community!


I am completely new to the GoDaddy world and seem to be confused / having trouble with a few areas in regard to email.


Issue 1: I have a MAC and Outlook 2011 and when I go to set up my Office 365 onto Outlook 2011 it will not work. I follow all the steps provided on how "to set up Exchange Account" but at the end of the process, I get a message saying that "Account cannot be added. Note that Outlook 2011 requires Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 4 or later". 


I have tried everything and it just does not work? I have gone down the path of setting up an email account using IMAP, but I have been told this should be a last resort and is not as good as setting up an Exchange Account.


I do not understand as I set up my Exchange Account email on my Apple Iphone with no problems at all. So do not understand why Outlook 2011 on my MAC should be any different?


Issue 2: Workspace Email. What is the difference between this and email & office 365??? When I click on webmail login next to Workspace Email (on my products page), I get taken to a workspace webmail login page and when I enter my sign in details, nothing happens? I am not able to login? Also when I click manage and click on Get Started, it asks for me to "create an email address". But again, I cant seem to do this and also am unsure as to whether I use the same email address that I have for Office 365 or do I set up a different email address for this?


I should note that my Office 365 seems to be working fine. I can login and the email is working as it should.


Any help or direction would be very much appreciated. As I am very confused at this point.


Kind Regards





I purchased new individual type (not professional one) email with my domain hosted on goddady. Once i configure this email in outlook it works fine; all the inbox appeared. But when i am trying to access my inbox and inbox setting through goddady webmail service; i am getting just to the password reset setup page only not to the detail account setting! i don't know whats the actual reason is; can any one help me please?