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Data Migration tool. Moving GoDaddy email to G Suite.

I'm using Google's data migration tool.

I'm using the following settings:


Migration source: GoDaddy

Connection protocol: Auto select (Recommended)

Role account: Enter email address and password of role account. This is an account on your mail server. We use it to verify that we can connect to your mail server and may also send migration reports to it.


My understanding is that the Role Account is an email and password on GoDaddy. Is this not the case? Every time I try a GoDaddy email and password combo, it fails, with the following message:

Authentication error. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please verify.


I am also having this issue, I was on the phone to Google yesterday for 3 hours trying to fix it and they have advised me that something is being blocked or the permissions are wrong on the go daddy side, heres a link to my post so you can follow it -


Although mine was exchange and not go daddy email, it may be similar.