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Email Catch-all

Dear All

I use the free email account that comes with my domain.

My domain name is being used by spammers and every day I have to clear many unwanted "Mail Delivery Failure" emails from my inbox that have bounced, i.e. incorrect email address, sent by the spammers.

I only have one email I use for my domain, so I tried to turn off the catch-all in the email setup.

But I am still getting 20-50 emails a day coming into my inbox addressed to all sorts of names, which I have to manually delete from my phone and from the server.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Is it possible to stop these people from using my domain name?

 Hope someone can help, this has been going on for over a month now and is really tiresome

Best regards




HI @Malee


Sorry to hear about the issue with your email. There are 2 common causes that may  explain why this is happening.


The first would be caused by email spoofing. Email spoofing is not virus related as it is a method to where another person sends emails from their system but is able to mask their domain name with yours which is intended to fool others in attempts to phish for information and other valuables.


The second cause would be an email compromise. This may be virus related as it means that the password to the email has been accessed and someone is using your email to send messages on their behalf, also for phishing attempts.


How to determine the cause: If you are using workspace email our system has an outgoing relay limit. relays are used when ever and email is sent from a email client. Most commonly the relays are limited to 250 a day. If you are noticing that your relays are at a high number and jumping this would be a red flag that your email may have been compromised and the best actions to take are to access your email from a secure device and reset the password. Once you have reset your password you may need to run virus scanners and malware detectors on your devices to help find the cause. Below I have provided a guide of how to check your email relays if you are using workspace email.


If your relays are not maxing out and do not seem unusually high, your email domain may be getting spoofed. To combat spoofing would require an SPF record added to your domains DNS. SPF records send a request to the receiving server to validate the domain before accepting incoming emails from that domain. Not all email servers will honor the request however most larger email servers will.  Below I have included an article with more information about SPF records.


See your SMTP relays


To add an SPF record


Hope this helps!