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Email Phone Phishing

Wife recieved call saying her Email firewall had been compromised. Identified as United Data with a call back number and name. Is this legit or a phishing scam. Had wife's phone number and email. Godaddy phone support greater than 60 minute wait. Any help to verify information or problem with security of servers would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Former Employee

Hey @OldSailor thanks for reaching out and we do apologize for the long holds. GoDaddy is working around the clock to to enable Guides the ability to work from home as a result of COVID-19, please bear with us while we make the transition. As far as the phone call you received it sounds like a classic phishing attempt here. If you have a domain name registered public the scammer could have gotten this information from the WHOIS database as third party will never reach out on behalf of GoDaddy. Due to the sensitive nature of our network I do not have access to security information. If you receive any phishing type emails you can always forward them to or feel that your email account has been compromised please call support right away to better diagnose the issue.

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