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Email Verifying



I've paid for Email Essential, and after I paid it told me that "Your domain is not hosting on Godaddy!" and that's wrong, because all files and servers are on GoDaddy!


It says to verify the domain, and when I am trying it shows to me that on RECORDS:

We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us.



Please any solution?

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Hello @darabeel,


What is your domain name please?

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Hi @darabeel,


You have paid for an email service with Godaddy?

Yes I've paid with GoDaddy

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Hi @darabeel,


I suggest you try clearing your cache because I connected to your email server with no problem.

So basically your email server is

So should be working, and YES you are quite correct. It is either your cache or some little glitch. I would chat with support if it persists.



I am trying, but it doesn't work! 

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Hmmmmm @darabeel,


Three things we can do here.

  1. Change the browser you are using. So try Firefox if using Chrome for example.......
  2. Private message me your email address for email server '' (private to stop spammers who may be reading this.) I can then send you a test email. To verify that your email server is set up correctly to receive email.
  3. Contact support at

Apart from this I am not sure as to what is happening as I don't have access to your account friend, sorry.


Regards @Retired