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Email and AWS Route 53

I have a domain name with Godaddy pointed to a server hosted on EC2 by AWS, using Route 53 DNS.

I need to verify that you own my domain name, so I filled out all the details given 


TXT Record: Find where to add a TXT record, and enter
CNAME Records: Find where to add a CNAME record, and enter
MX Records: Find where to add an MX record, and enter
SRV Records: Find where to add an SRV record, and enter


And it's been about 2 hours but when I click the "I updated these settings" button but it keeps failing, is there a step by step guide I can follow?


Sorry to hear that you're having issues! You really need to contact our support team to help you out with this issue. You can find your local phone number to call here Take care!


I have the same problem

There should be an easy way to get an answer to solve this

Why do I need to call someone?

Please just give me the MX record needed


Hey @gbedi22,

I can only provide the details for where you will make your MX changes. If you're not sure what to update these records to for your other provider, you'll need to reach out to their support for this information. 


As for contacting our support, I only recommend this if you've already made your DNS changes and the other provider is still not able to verify the changes in place after they have propagated.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

So here's the thing I think I didnt give enough detail.  I have an outlook email thru godaddy and used to have DNS registration thru godaddy.  I recently move DNS to Route53 but now none of the users can send/receive emails anymore.

i had this record before in godaddy so i transferred it exactly to route53

@    600    IN    MX    0    <domain>

This is not working though..what does it need to be instead?

Remember that my server denoted by <domain> does NOT actually run this email server.  I guess this is hosted by godaddy in conjunction with Microsoft??  Please elaborate


Hey @gbedi22,


Apologies for the confusion. I think your issue might be slightly different from the original discussion above, but if your domain was already verified previously for Office 365 then you'll need more than just the MX record. You'll also need to add a TXT, CNAME, and SRV as well. 


Luckily you can find the specific details within your Office 365 account as we outline here. Unfortunately, we don't have more specific details for setting these records within Route 53 as do other companies. However, this should still help you towards getting your accounts functioning again. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

This is the best resource I found online RE: Office and Route 53 integration:

This should be provided by godaddy. But Anyways you saved my day. Thanks for that.