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Enabling PowerBI report server

We are looking to determine if we can enable a PowerBI report server and connect it to our SharePoint site so that all the team members can view the reports.  From what I can see, Microsoft charges $12/user per month for PowerBI, and from other threads, it didn't look like PowerBI was possible to install without the OWA administrator account.  However, we have the OWA administrator installed now, and it is possible to promote new applications into our SharePoint and Server stack.  I wonder what it would cost to subscribe to the PowerBI report server with GoDaddy and what would be the cost of subscribing to the Premium account in GoDaddy? 

It was recommended to get in touch with the Productivity Group at GoDaddy. How do I do that?  Do they have contact details?  I have some questions about the administration system and if it is much the same as having an Azure Administration account?