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Forwarding email address not forwarding some messages?

I have a go daddy email forwarding address set up (it's a catchall account for my domain).  I've confirmed that my MX records are correct for my domain name, and emails are being forwarded to a gmail account.


I've noticed that some emails just aren't coming in: a couple of people have said they sent me an email but I didn't receive it, and they didn't get a bounce message.  I also placed a couple orders with and and received NO confirmation email from them either (and I know they always send an order confirmation email).


I've triple checked and these messages are NOT in the gmail spam folder or being trapped by a gmail filter.


Why is this happening?  Does GoDaddy filter forwarded messages (and if so, why, and how can I disable that)?  If I can't get this fixed, I'll need to switch back to Hover (I moved to GoDaddy for the email catchall function).


Helper VI

Hello @SteveW


Check your spam filter settings


Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately, this is a forwarding only email account thus I have no login credentials for the webmail interface.  Is there any way to manage the filters for forwarding-only accounts?

I'm sorry but I don't know.

Maybe someone else can help you.

Good luck.

***Signature: -> Do not assume anything! If you want help, explain your problem. If my post helped you, give it a Kudo. If you have the solution, mark the topic as Solved.

Hi @SteveW

Forwarding-only email accounts have no filters set. All messages are just forwarded to your specified email address. If you aren't receiving all of the forwarded messages I suggest reaching out to Gmail and checking their forums with a possible solution.

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I have the exact same problem and unfortunately I realized this problem after a few months of using it as my work email. I didn't receive anything, and they didn't get any bounced back/undelivered email.


I realize that the emails that I am not getting are from the bank, or a secured mail program.

I am guessing it is the encryption problem because I figured the emails that get forwarded from my domain email are "not encrypted by". Maybe that is the reason why we are not getting some emails? I would assume bank could detect the email was not encrypted so they couldn't send it?

Now I cannot even reset my online banking password because I cannot get any emails from the bank and I cannot change to another email address. I am so stuck!


Please help!!!!!!!!!! I have been with GoDaddy over 12 years and I don't want to move out. I am sure we pay more to stay with GoDaddy for the reliability and good support.

Anyone have any updates on this thread?  This is happening to me from a few financial institutions. They say email is "undeliverable".   Must have something to do with them detecting the email forwarding, and not allowing email via this method.  If you talk to support on their end, they have no clue.   Would be nice to solve, otherwise I have to go change email addresses to whatever email service I am using at that time... instead of using this, which has been same address for  ~10yrs.